Brian Udink

Brian Udink


HR Compensation Analysis, Performance Management, Business Process Advisor and Auditor

  • Industries: High Tech Manufacturing, Service operations, Government, and [some] trades.
  •  20+ years in operations / program / quality management; from 25 to ~1200 employees.
  •  Role accountabilities: performance mgmt, process improvement, auditing HR processes and employee retention, quality management systems (QMS).
  • Led global programs for Fortune 500 companies across teams, functions, sites, countries/cultures. Travel as a manager and trainer have spanned: USA, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and more.

Phone: (208) 409-3096


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Do you need to know what the market is paying for a job?

In addition to our full suite of compensation services, we provide market data for jobs, whether you need one job, several jobs, or many jobs.

The data is collected by Compensation Professionals using published salary surveys conducted in accordance with World at Work quality standards. No employee-reported data is used. The data is current as of the first of the current month.

The following is an example of the data we provide.


With current market pay data you can review the pay of one of your employees or all of them. Pricing is based on the number of jobs you need data for.

If you need assistance with compensation strategy, analysis or program development, please contact us for a quote.
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