Human Resources Consultant 2024 Pay Survey Results

Human Resources Consultant 2024 Pay Survey Results

We are thrilled to announce that the results of the Human Resources Pro Consultant Pay Survey are now available. The survey gathered insights from over 200 HR consultants, providing a comprehensive view of the industry’s landscape and compensation trends.

Questions covered a wide array of topics, including annual earnings, client load, marketing strategies, and more, offering invaluable insights for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field. Some findings were in line with expectations, such as the prevalence of performance management and employee relations/engagement as the most common HR specialty areas among consultants, and the fact that half of consultants work with clients who have 50 or fewer employees.

However, the survey also revealed several surprising trends. While 39% of consultants reported earning $100k or more annually, a notable 8% are achieving earnings of $500k or more, demonstrating the potential for significant financial success in the industry. Additionally, despite the perception that LinkedIn reigns supreme for professional networking, Facebook emerged as the most commonly used social media platform for marketing consulting services among HR consultants. 

Robert Griffard, CEO of Human Resources Pro, expressed his enthusiasm for the survey results, stating, “The insights gleaned from this survey underscore the dynamic nature of the HR consulting profession. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s crucial for professionals to stay informed about prevailing trends and compensation benchmarks. We’re proud to offer this valuable resource to the HR community.”

The full results of the Human Resources Consultant Pay Survey are available at the HumanResources.Pro homepage.